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Stocking Superior Products With Jumbo Medjool Dates Wholesale

Stocking Superior Products With Jumbo Medjool Dates Wholesale

Jumbo Medjool Dates Are Your Best Option for wholesale

Israel is famous for its quality date production, and Medjool dates stand out above the rest. Agrifood Marketing has many options available, and our jumbo dates wholesale are among the most popular and highly demanded types of dates among distributors everywhere.

High-Quality Medjool Dates Wholesale

Agrifood Marketing is known for its premium jumbo Medjool dates wholesale options. We have both jumbo and super jumbo Medjool dates in bulk. These aren’t just cooking ingredients like other types. They’re a hearty snack all on their own!

Our jumbo dates are between 23 and 27 grams, making them a truly sizeable fruit that customers will enjoy picking up and biting into. Agrifood Marketing date company has premium Medjool dates that feature between 0 and 10% skin separation, the highest standard on the market.

Distributors purchasing our jumbo Medjool dates wholesale also have the option to go for the superjumbo size. These are even more than 27 grams each, delivering a massive dose of nutrition and flavor. Both jumbo and super jumbo Medjool dates in bulk are a great choice for any Medjool dates distributors.


A Great Variety of Medjool Dates in Bulk


Of course, Agrifood Marketing provides a wide range of sizes for Medjool dates distributors in the USA and Europe. Our full selection starts with small Medjool dates ranging from 12 to 15 grams each. This is still large compared to other types of dates, and some customers prefer the smaller portions compared to the jumbo.
Our full selection includes small, medium, large, jumbo, and super jumbo dates for dates distributors. We provide our premium Medjool dates to deliver the highest possible quality. Our lineup also includes our choice Medjool dates, which have skin separation between 10 and 30%. Like any Israeli dates, these are still bursting with flavor and rich texture.

We even have fresh bonbon Medjool dates, a unique luxury option. These are the freshest dates available that haven’t sundried. This is immediately noticeable by their smoother exterior and increased size.

Medjool dates 1kg package
Raw Organic Medjool Dates

A Tasty Treat That’s Growing in Popularity

All sizes of Medjool dates in bulk are quickly becoming increasingly popular choices in markets around the world. In countries like France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, they’re already well established as a delicious snack and a popular health food choice.

Agrifood Marketing’s unique jumbo and super jumbo dates wholesale options will provide additional variety to any produce selection. Retailers will see them flying off the shelves, and distributors will need a steady supply of hearty and delicious jumbo Medjool dates to keep up with their orders. Agrifood Marketing can provide that steady supply, with fast deliveries and excellent service.

Attractive Packaging Options to Buy Medjool Dates in Bulk


Buying Medjool dates with Agrifood Marketing gives date distributors a wide variety of packaging options. This includes standard cartons between 1 and 5kg. These cartons are also available with clear windows that really sell customers on the freshness of these jumbo Medjool dates.

Other options include 200 and 300-gram punnets that deliver a quick and easy way for customers to purchase their Medjool dates. Any retailer will be quick to restock these attractive products, with both jumbo and fresh bonbon Medjool date varieties available.

Purchasing Jumbo Medjool Dates Wholesale

Agrifood Marketing is a leading producer of high-quality Israeli Medjool dates. We export our fine products around the world, and you can place your order today with a minimum order of 9 tons. Dealers and distributors in any market can capitalize on what is quickly becoming an exceedingly popular healthy snack choice for consumers everywhere with Agrifood Marketing Medjool dates.

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