Bonbon Dates and Where to Buy Them in Bulk- Agrifood

Bonbon Dates and Where to Buy Them in Bulk

Bonbon Dates and Where to Buy Them in Bulk

Bonbon Dates – Where They come from & Where to Buy Them in Bulk

Medjool dates size covers a very broad spectrum, running from as little as 12 grams up to over 27 grams. The largest Medjool dates on the market today are luxuriant bonbon dates, an exclusive variety of fresh Medjool dates that offer the height of flavor and texture.

Agrifood Marketing is a premium supplier of Israeli dates, including the finest bonbon Medjool dates. These amazing XXL Medjool could be just the product to add something special to your lineup.

The Extensive Variety of Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are among the most popular variety grown here in Israel. Already they stand out among other dates due to their exceptional flavor, unique texture, and increased date size. Bonbon dates stand out even further, crowing Medjool dates as the finest variety available.

Medjool dates have a much wider size range than most other types of dates. Anyone who enjoys Medjool dates could find themselves taking a handful of several or having to take multiple bites out of a single date. The smallest Medjool dates are just 12 grams each, but jumbo and super jumbo Medjool dates range from 23 to 27 grams. Bonbon XXL Medjool dates are even larger and heftier, making each individual piece a substantial snack.

Delicious, Fresh Bonbon Dates

For the most part, Agrifood Marketing is a dried dates supplier. Most of our dates are dried before shipping. This process gives many dates their distinctive appearance while still maintaining some moisture to ensure the highest-quality texture. However, bonbon dates are the exception to this rule. These are fresh Medjool dates that haven’t been dried, making them a truly outstanding treat.

The flavor itself is very similar to other Medjool dates, with the XXL Medjool dates featuring the familiar creamy caramel taste that date enthusiasts have come to identify them by. However, the texture is significantly different, offering a completely fresh fruit that is literally bursting with flavor. These dates are plump and juicy, making them a unique choice to add to any date supplier’s lineup.

Extensive Variety of Medjool Dates
Medjool dates healthy snack
agrifood marketing- exporting Medjool organic dates

Why a Great Dates Variety Is So Essential

Dates are an increasingly popular snack food today, along with their longstanding use in desserts and other recipes. However, today’s consumers don’t want just anything. They want something unique, something they haven’t tried before. Retailers understand this, and they go to distributors and marketers who can provide exceptional variety.

Medjool dates, in general, provide a much wider variety than other types. The size range is very extensive, making Medjool dates in bulk a great purchase for any distributor. Bonbon dates add another layer of variety, offering something that’s truly unique, something that consumers aren’t going to get from any other kind of date.

XXL Medjool Dates in Bulk


XXL bonbon dates are available from Agrifood Marketing year-round in both the USA and Europe. We provide a range of packaging options that will encourage consumers to buy quickly and retailers to quickly restock their shelves.

Cartons of bonbon dates are available from 1.7 to 3.5kg. These packaging options feature clear windows to showcase just how attractive these XXL Medjool dates are and emphasize their status as a luxury date. 200-gram punnets of 6 bonbon dates are also available, an attractive option for any produce section.

organic Medjool dates

Buying Your Bonbon Dates

You can order your bonbon dates with Agrifood Marketing today through our convenient website. Minimum orders are 9 tons, available for shipping to both the USA and Europe. No matter what market you’re in, dates are on the rise, and Agrifood Marketing can meet your demand with high-quality bonbon dates.

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