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Deglet Noor dates

Deglet Noor dates

Here’s What’s Special About Our Deglet Noor Dates

There are many different types of dates out there, and each has its own place. Deglet Noor dates are considered among the most popular dates, offering great flavor as an ingredient or as a snack. Agrifood Marketing provides exports of these fine dates, grown in Israel and shipped to both the USA and Europe.

What Are Deglet Noor Dates?

What are Deglet Noor dates, and how exactly do they differ from other dates? They’re among the most popular type of dried dates, along with Medjool dates. In general, Deglet Noor dates have a more subdued and subtle flavor than Medjool dates. In fact, they taste a lot like cashews or other nuts, making them a hearty snack on their own or in a mix.

Deglet Noor dates are often used as ingredients in a number of dishes, including a wide variety of desserts. These dates are roughly medium-sized as far as dates go and have a more amber tone than many other types of dates. Their texture is crunchier than a Medjool date but still somewhat smooth.


Watching Your Health With Deglet Noor Dates

What are Deglet Noor dates best for? In most cases, they’re a great cooking ingredient. They provide an excellent flavor while being very healthy as well. Many desserts use them as an alternative to refined sugars, making them healthier in general. Deglet Noor dates can be added to cakes, cookies, bread, and more. When diced, they retain some of their crunch, adding much-needed texture to desserts.

Deglet Noor dates are, like other dates, a very excellent source of fiber. This helps aid in digestion, along with having other long-term benefits. Further nutrients you’ll get from Deglet Noor dates include potassium, iron, and a healthy dose of antioxidants .

Deglet Noor dates
deglet noor dates- healthy
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Whare Are Deglet Noor Dates Grown?

So, where are Deglet Noor dates grown today? Of course, they’re still grown on the shores of the Mediterranean, where they’ve been cultivated and enjoyed for millennia. They’ve also been exported to be grown in other countries around the world that have some areas with similar climates, like Southeast Asia and the United States. However, you’ll have to seek out a dates supplier in Israel for the very best.

Agrifood Marketing exports Israeli grown Deglet Noor dates that meet the highest quality standards in the world. Date cultivators in Israel have a strong focus on delivering the finest dates and implementing the latest best methods for doing so. While Deglet Noor dates might be available from elsewhere, they simply won’t have the flavor and texture you can get from genuine Israeli dates.

Where to Buy Deglet Noor Dates

Buying Deglet Noor dates in bulk is easy with Agrifood Marketing. Our extensive supply of Israeli dates is available for shipping to both the USA and Europe. They’re available throughout the year and could be just what any supplier or distributor needs to add variety to their product lineup.

If you’re wondering what are Deglet Noor dates good for, you should know that they’re great for keeping up with some of the latest market trends around the world. This type of date has never been more popular, and demand continues to grow.

organic Medjool dates

Agrifood Marketing Deglet Noor Dates

For the finest Deglet Noor dates from Israel, you can reach out to the team at Agrifood Marketing today. You can make your order through our website quickly and easily, with a 9 ton minimum on date orders. See just how much value quality Deglet Noor dates can bring for your business by putting in your order with Agrifood Marketing now.

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