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Israeli dates

Israeli dates

Why Israeli Dates Are Your Best Option for Imports

Dates are grown in many hot climates around the world, including Israel. Agrifood Marketing Exports dates from Israel for distributors around the world, letting them add these high-quality Israeli dates to their selections. Any organization can benefit from the exceptional Israeli dates and reliable service that Agrifood Marketing has to offer.

Imported Dates From Israel

Israeli dates are known around the world for their exceptional quality. They’ve been grown in the region for millennia, and while Israel isn’t the largest source of dates And being the largest Medjool source in the world , with an expertise in growing Medjool dates, cultivation has a strong focus on providing the highest quality dates in the world.

The climate here is just right for this type of agriculture, which lets Agrifood Marketing Produce and export dates To distributors around the world with the best Israeli dates. They’re nutritious, delicious, and have a naturally long shelf-life that makes them suitable for any type of retail establishment to stock.

With Agrifood Marketing, these fine dates are exported around the world. Any Israel’s Medjool dates importer can benefit from the wide variety of options that Agrifood Marketing has to offer. Medjool dates suppliers in the USA and Europe will find that our superior Israeli dates move quickly.

The high quality of Israel Medjool dates is appreciated by Medjool dates distributors around the world, with huge markets for these fruits in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Consumers everywhere are buying more and more dates for their excellent taste and great nutrition

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Medjool Dates

Our most popular dates here at Agrifood Marketing are the delicious and juicy Medjool dates. Any Medjool dates supplier knows that Israel produces the finest product, with a rich caramel flavor and the sweet juiciness that the end customer is looking for.

These large and hardy fruits deliver a huge amount of nutrients, making them a favorite superfood among health-conscious people in all markets. The smooth and fresh texture of these dates makes them a perfect snack food, and Agrifood Marketing provides them in a variety of convenient packaging options.

Barhi Dates

Any distributors looking to provide excellent variety for retail outlets would do well to order Barhi dates. This type of date is a truly unique option, delivering a taste and texture that you won’t get from any other dates. The highly distinct fruit looks very different compared with most dates, with a smooth yellow exterior rather than the familiar dark and textured surface of other varieties.

These are a favorite among any customers with a sweet tooth, delivering an exceptional sweetness that will vary depending on how ripe the dates are. They also have much more of a crunch than most imported dates from Israel, providing a satisfying snack that delivers the variety any outlet needs for their date selection.

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor dates are some of the most widely consumed Israeli dates. They have a rich and hearty flavor that’s a lot like cashews or other types of nuts. This makes them the perfect snack food. They’re relatively small compared to Medjool dates, and their dry texture gives them an exceptional shelf life.
They’re used widely in baking, providing a nutritious sweetening alternative to refined sugars. Deglet Noor imported dates from Israel have been used in both desserts and as a snack food around the world for ages, and they’re a welcome addition to any selection.

Order Your Imported Dates from Israel

Agrifood Marketing provides Medjool, Barhi, and Deglet Nour Israeli dates for dealers and distributors around the world. With a minimum order of 9 tons, your organization can choose from the many types and packaging options that we have to offer. Ordering couldn’t be easier through our website, and you can reach out with any questions you might have.

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