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Buying Medjool Dates in Bulk Easily

Buying Medjool Dates in Bulk Easily

Medjool dates are a hot commodity in Europe today, and you can buy Medjool dates bulk to take advantage of this trend. With Agrifood Marketing, you can find the perfect Medjool dates wholesale solution for your company. We deliver quality products that are sustainably grown and available in many packaging options.

The European Date Market


Europeans aren’t the largest consumers of dates globally, but they are the fastest-growing. The import of Medjool dates bulk into Europe has been increasing at a steady rate since 2015, with several factors driving this trend. In Europe, consumers are starting to focus on the nutritional benefits of dates rather than only their traditional use in desserts.

This ongoing boom makes today the best time to buy Medjool dates in bulk for your business. There is significant demand across all of Europe, and retailers are looking for distributors that can offer them variety and versatile packaging options. Agrifood Marketing can equip your organization with the Medjool dates wholesale you need to distribute dates in Europe successfully.

Medjool Dates Bulk Supply Across All European Nations

Agrifood Marketing ships succulent Medjool dates worldwide, including to the many countries within Europe. There are key nations within Europe that make up most of the demand for dates, and we can provide great Medjool dates wholesale prices for distributors in those regions.

France and Germany are the top two consumers of dates within Europe, with roughly equal consumption of over 20,000 tons per year. Any distributor in these regions can benefit from Agrifood Marketing’s quality Medjool dates bulk supplies. Our team is here to find the optimal Medjool dates wholesale solution for your business.

Additional markets within Europe include Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. In these countries, your customers will surely recognize the exquisite quality of Agrifood Marketing’s Medjool dates. Grown here in Israel, we cultivate them to meet the highest standards for flavor and texture. As a result, you’ll be able to generate repeat business as a distributor with retailers making numerous orders for these top-quality products.

european dates
medgoul dates- natural dates 200g

Why Medjool Dates?


There are so many varieties of dates available, and of course, Agrifood Marketing can supply you with many options, but Medjool dates are typically the best-selling dates in Europe. They are an incredibly versatile fruit, suitable to eat on their own or as an ingredient in desserts or other dishes. Medjool dates offer a distinct sweetness that has led to their widespread success across Europe.

Buying Medjool dates wholesale lets your business target multiple market segments. These dates are popular both as a staple ingredient for many sweet dishes and as an increasingly popular healthy choice. Medjool dates are a  significant source of fiber and many essential nutrients, along with being an incredibly convenient choice for consumers.

What Agrifood Marketing Medjool Dates Bulk Supply Has to


Agrifood Marketing makes it easy for
distributors, dealers, and marketers to import Medjool dates, among othervarieties, into Europe. Whether you’re in France, Germany, or anywhere else, we can provide you with quality products and excellent service.

Our organization is committed to the highest standards for Medjool dates and delivers nothing but the finest.

We have extensive packaging options available for our Medjool dates wholesale pallet deliveries. This includes convenient 200-gram retail packs, along with cartons ranging from 1kg to 5kg.
The minimum for Medjool dates bulk in Europe is 9 tons, reasonable order size for this fast-moving commodity.

Buy Medjool Dates in Bulk With Agrifood Marketing


You can place your first order with us today through our website. You can choose from our many varieties, including Medjool dates, and packaging options. If you have any questions about our fine products, please feel free to reach out to us.

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