Buying California Medjool Dates Wholesale- Agrifood

Buying California Medjool Dates Wholesale

Buying California Medjool Dates Wholesale

Dates have been becoming more and more popular among consumers as time goes on, and both distributors and retailers are starting to notice this trend. Agrifood Marketing provides Israeli bulk dates in convenient packaging for any business. Add great new products to your selection with long-lasting, high-margin, and delicious wholesale dates.

Wholesale Dates in California


Dates are quickly becoming a highly popular treat in California. Not only is there a significant California Medjool dates wholesale market, but some varieties of dates are also even grown in California itself. However, local production is limited in volumes, and inland transport costs in the us are usually higher than import costs from Israel, therefore US Importers from the East side sometimes prefer the importation of Medjool rather then the local production

These dates importers in USA understand just how effective the product dates are. They have long shelf lives, come in a variety of convenient packaging formats, and are rapidly growing in popularity as a treat, an ingredient for desserts, and a health-focused food choice. Agrifood Marketing is your top choice for buying dates wholesale USA.


Medjool Dates


Among the top dates imports are Medjool dates. Grown here in Israel in great quantities, they make up a significant portion of our sale dates in USA.

Medjool dates wholesale are a delicious choice loved by consumers all over the USA. They provide an incredibly rich flavor in abundance. Many say that their distinctive flavor is similar to caramel, and this goes great with the soft texture of the dates.

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medgoul dates- natural dates 200g
Deglet Nour natural dates Jordan valley 5 kg deglet nour

Deglet Nour Dates


Deglet Nour is the most common type of date in many places, and they’re typically what people think of when they say dates. They’re one of the top dates imports and deliver their own distinctive flavor. Unlike California Medjool dates wholesale, these dates have a flavor much like a cashew or other nut, less sweet when compared with Medjool.

While less sweet, they’re still certainly sweet and see wide use as an alternative to refined sugar when baking. They’re also included in dishes and desserts whole to get the most out of their exquisite texture. Deglet Nour dates are also smaller than Medjool, which lends them to their widespread use in baking.

Barhi Dates


Barhi dates imports are somewhat different than the other two major varieties. They look much different, with a smooth yellow exterior. They’re quite sweet and can vary in sweetness depending on ripeness. If you need wholesale dates in California, you can include Barhi dates in your lineup to deliver a greater variety of options. They have a distinctive crunch that’s different from other dates, making them a truly unique choice for a delicious snack.

The Best Dates Imports for USA

Is your organization considering Medjool dates wholesale or any other varieties? Agrifood Marketing provides a wide date selection and can find the perfect variety, quantity, and packaging for your needs. We’ve got cartons ranging from 1 to 5 kilograms and packaging options as low as 200-grams.

Agrifood Marketing makes it easy to buy your wholesale dates online. Our minimum orders are 20 tons. Above all, you’ll be getting the highest quality Israeli dates available, meeting all of our strict requirements. Order your wholesale dates today through our convenient website form.

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